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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> caption colorado, llc good morning. with four days until christmas, house republicans challenge senate democrats extending a pay roll tax cut. president obama says that's a gop mistake and the latest on the standoff that could affect more than 160 million americans. newt gingrich says mitt romney supporters are smearing him in a series of campaign ads and we'll hear from both gop frontrunners and how they're changing the republican presidential race. we'll talk with michele bachmann on losing social conservatives and one leader's call for her to drop out of the race and we'll ask bachmann if she still has time to capture iowa. snow is expected in the rockies. we'll look at where the problems are early this wednesday we'll look at where the problems are early this wednesday morning, december 21st, 2011.
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captioning funded by cbs and good morning. welcome to "early show" dark and early here on a wednesday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. >> no progress towards extending a tax break for working americans. in just a few weeks 160 million people could see their taxes go up as much as $1,000 a year. >> that's a whole lot of money. nancy cordes has the latest on what seems to be a bit of a lose/lose situation on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. a lump of coal some reporters are calling it. a complete standstill. house republicans rejected that two-month payroll tax extension that the senate has passed as a stop gap measure. they want the senate to come back and renegotiate, but so far, those members show no sign
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of returning. >> i need the president to help out. all right. >> reporter: increasingly isolated house republicans are standing their ground, refusing to support a two-month tax cut they call responsible. >> tax policy on a two-month basis. are you kidding me? >> we want a year-long extension of the payroll tax cut. >> reporter: house republicans voted tuesday to open negotiations with the senate over a new tax deal, but democrats, so far, have refused. >> the sanctimonious rhetoric you hear today from the republicans is nothing but talk. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act in the next ten days, the payroll tax rate will go back to its original 6.2% from the current 4.2%. the house speaker john boehner called on the white house to step in. >> i think president obama needs to call on senate democrats to go back into session, move to
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the conference and sit down and resolve this bill as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the president said senate democrats had already done their job by working out a deal with senate republicans for a two-month tax cut extension that passed overwhelmingly this weekend. >> let's be clear. right now the bipartisan compromise that was reached on saturday is the only viable way to prevent a tax hike on january 1st. >> reporter: how did congress end up in this mess? there's plenty of blame to go around. house republicans passed a one-year payroll tax cut last week, but paid for the package with measures they knew democrats would not support, like a pay freeze on federal workers. in the senate, democrats waited until the last minute to negotiate with republicans and could only find a way to pay for two months of the payroll tax cut instead of a year. last night the house speaker told just about everyone in the house that they could go home for the holidays so they should stand on standby in case they
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need to come back and vote. right now we have a small group of house negotiators on the republican side left here on capitol hill just in case senate democrats decide to come back and talk to them. back to you. >> nancy cordes on capitol hill for us this morning. boy, that's going to sit well with a lot of americans this holiday season or any time of the year. not a lot of holiday cheer on the campaign trail either this morning. newt gingrich is furious paid for by mitt romney supporters. >> he calls it a smear campaign. the latest on the republican frontrunners. good morning. >> chris, good morning. most of the national polls now showing a dramatic 15-point drop for newt gingrich, he is upset and the person he blames the most is mitt romney. >> has more baggage than the airlines. >> reporter: what drew the most fire from gingrich were ads made and funded, not by mitt romney's campaign, but by a superpack
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that supports romney called "restore our future." >> newt the only speaker in history to be reprimanded. >> reporter: a brand-new element to this election because they're allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on an issue provided they do not coordinate with a political campaign. some of romney's closest friends and former advisors are behind the restore our future superpack, but romney says there's no contact at all. >> it's illegal. as you probably know. super pacs have to be separate from a campaign and a candidate. >> reporter: gingrich was having none of it. >> we understand these are his people running his ads, doing his dirty work while he pretends to be above it. >> reporter: but gingrich's fall into a tie with romney nationwide cannot be explained by ads in iowa. republican voters themselves have driven the polls up and then down for five candidates. bachmann, trump, perry, cain and
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now gingrich as voters continue to shop for the best challenger to president obama. romney who just benefitted from $400,000 worth of super pac ads said he hoped they would all be abolished. >> campaign finance law made a mockery of our campaign season. we ought to let campaigns raise the money they need and just get rid of these super pacs. >> gingrich has challenged romney to stop all negative advertising. romney who is here in new hampshire campaigning and whose ads do not mention newt gingrich at all has not responded. chris? >> manchester, new hampshire, for us live this morning. thank you. on tuesday an influential christian group, the family leader, decided not to endorse any family in the caucuses, its president did announce he is backing rick santorum. joining us from davenport, iowa, congresswoman michele bachmann, who is also currently on a bus
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tour to visit every in that state. nice to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. bler pleasure to be with you. >> as a congresswoman, i want to get your take on this. the op-ed page of "washington journal" saying republicans should cut their losses and figure out a way to extend this payroll holiday or essentially risk looking like the grinch four days before christmas. can that happen? >> the republicans in the house are presented with a poison pill because harry reid essentially threw obama over into the house and then the democrats left town. unfortunately, president obama has been awol in the entire process so the real losers in all of this, erin, are the american people. i'm talking to people on the ground every day here in iowa and they're just disgusted. they're shaking their heads and they're saying, what's wrong with congress? why can't they give us permanent solutions? this isn't one more temporary gimmick and what they're looking
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for are permanent solutions so they can hire people and get people back to work. >> this is important to 160 million americans. people on the trail are asking you why things can't get done in congress. why then did you choose not to vote yesterday? >> well, because there was no deal. we all knew there would be no deal because president obama, harry reid decided not to work with the house republicans. like i said, they threw a bomb into the house, a bill that was completely unacceptable that wouldn't help people get back to work and wouldn't help the american economy to recover and there was no other choice. if there was a deal, of course, i would be there. there was no deal. >> but in the senate they were able to work out a bipartisan deal. a handful of senate republicans not going along with that. some sort of bipartisan compromise and one chamber, why not go back and try to work to make something happen? >> well, because this was a very bad option. two-month extension?
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no one is going to hire based on two months. we need a one-year extension, if that's what the deal will be. the main problem in washington right now is that president obama is failing to cut the spending. people are sick of this overspending. he is overspending by a factor of ten over what his predecessor george bush overspent. he is being irresponsible and failing to lead. that's what i intend to do as president of the united states. i am only going to submit balance budgets and assign balance budgets and i'm not willing to spend one dime more than what we take in. >> you're saying you wouldn't let this happen but a two-month extension for 160 million americans they may have preferred that to nothing come january 1, congresswoman. >> this is not going to help anything. this is a temporary gimmick and another crisis within two months. stop it. we need to stop, erica, this
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crisis. that's what i said last summer and that's what we should do. >> you are ahead of the iowa caucuses. i know this is sort of hometown territory for you in many ways. you put a lot of focus here. there was some talk that bob called you over the weekend and asked you to step aside and to throw your support behind rick santorum. did that call actually happen? >> yes, there was a call that was made, but it didn't make sense because my numbers have always been above senator santorum, so it makes no sense for me to drop out. what we're seeing on the ground is a tremendous shift. in our last debate last thursday, people saw how i took it to ron paul on foreign policy. there's an article that came out this morning on huffington post that said all the candidates in the race, i'm the only one that will be able to debate barack obama on the stage and defeat him. and i think it's very important that we have a candidate that can go toe-to-toe with barack
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obama. i have already in washington. he knows me. i have taken him out on obama care and dodd/frank because i know what to do to put the economy back on the front foot. i know what to do to turn the economy around. >> your support, though, is low in the latest cbs news poll out yesterday. 3% of voters think you have the best chance of beating president obama next november. 4% would vote for you and concern among social conservatives including chuck hurley from "family leader" who said at this point we think the conservatives should get together and figure out who can be the best for every job because not everybody can be president. are you concerned about splintering that conservative vote? >> i have the most support among the evangelical community. it is a very strong level of support. as well as other leaders here in iowa. i have over 100 pastors that have come out and said they support me and last week we had
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a caravan traveling across iowa of leaders, evangelicals saying i'm the best candidate who represents the evangelical community. i have a huge level of support. we're not looking at the national support, we're looking here at iowa. an electric light switch has gone off and we have tremendous momentum here in iowa. >> congresswoman, michele bachmann, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll find out what happens less than two weeks away. debbie joins us at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to the both of you and good morning to you. the deadly winter storm that made travel a mess yesterday, it's moved east. blamed for at least six deaths, this morning the storm has transitioned from snow to rain covering an area from the gulf coast to the great lakes. but the storm dumped up to 15 inches of snow in five states. road crews are still trying to clear drifts of up to ten feet. parts of highways in colorado, texas, new mexico, kansas and
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oklahoma remain closed. drivers are asked to stay at home. and there was damaging testimony this morning against tv host piers morgan in the phone hacking investigation. in london today a former journalist who worked with morgan said morgan must have known about the hacking at "the daily mirror." morgan who was the former editor took the stand and admitted he heard voicemails of paul mccartney now left for his ex-wife and offered this defense. >> not a single person has made any formal or legal complaint against "the daily mirror" about hacking. not one. >> but on the stand today, james hitwell who has been convicted in the scandal gave
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this morning the faa is announcing new airline regulations to reduce pilot fatigue. the rules were inspired by the
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2009 colgan air crash near buffalo that killed 50 people. >> former ntsb mark rosenker joins us this morning. good to see you. >> good to see you, as well. >> pilot fatigue not determined to be the sole factor in the colgan air crash, how did it lead to the investigation? >> the board took a look at the 72-hour history of both pilots. and they did conclude that the activities that they were involved in during that 72 hours actually could create fatigue. but with that said, there were so many other factors that clearly were at fault in this accident that there was a real discussion over whether fatigue played a major role, but that wasn't the real issue. fatigue has been an insidious cause of so many incidents and accidents that the ntsb has studied it has been on the most-wanted list for 20 years. >> make a major announcement later today.
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let's talk about the current rules for work and rest time. what are the current rules and how might they change? >> right now a maximum duty day, from the time you sign in until the time you sign out and go out is 16 hours. your actual flight time, which is the time behind the stick of the aircraft can be as much as eight hours. and then you're really only right now required to have eight hours of rest between the next duty shift. that needed to be changed. frankly, it was too long in coming and i look forward to what these changes are going to be announced today. >> as an expert in the field, how much a difference will this make in your estimation? >> i think it will be a significant improvement. we will raise the bar of safety with these new rules. it would be seen an additional hour of rest time, maybe more. reduced duty days and probably go from 16 to 14 or 13 and they're really going to be looking at the kind of flying that you're doing. for example, if you're flying
7:17 am
overnight, it's a lot more stressful and a lot more difficult if you're going than flying all day. so, they'll be looking at the kinds of flying and giving you the kinds of maximums that you'll need in the nature of the actual flight. >> you mentioned a moment ago that you thought these regulations were long overdue. why has it taken so long to implement something that seems pretty obvious for most listeners? >> chris, these rules were propagated back in the '40s and '50s when, in fact, four members of a flight crew, a pilot, navigator, we didn't fly as far. we didn't go into the time zones that we do today. today we're dealing with cockpit crews of two people that are flying, in some cases, three, four, five time zones. it was necessary to make these changes to bring us up to the 21st century. >> mark, thanks so much. good to talk with you this morning. >> good to be with both of you. still ahead, joplin, missouri, was a tornado disaster
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very dark chapter for joplin, missouri, earlier this year. in may a massive tornado ripped through the city killing more than 150 people. >> coming up here on "the early show," we will take you back to that time and showing you the devastation we saw on the ground as we spoke with survivors when we got there. and also joplin's mayor, mike woolston, how the recovery is going seven months later. this is "the early show" on cbs. we will be right back. announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the u.s. postal service. it's all in the mail. n door ]
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a manhunt is underway for a man who stole two cars... and led police on a wild chase through san jose good morning. 7:25. i'm grace lee. a manhunt is under way for a man who stole two cars and led police on a wild chase through san jose streets. the suspect is jarek brown, accused of hitting a police motorcycle with a stolen camry. earlier he crashed a bmw stolen everly is days ago. this morning the oakland mayor and city administrator will reveal plans of an independent audit to the police response to the "occupy" protests. the city council could not reach a vote on how to prevent future port shutdowns but it will reconsider this issue in january. and today caltrans takes a big step toward fishing the new span on the bay bridge installing the suspension cable to support 2,000 feet of the bridge. caltrans warns drivers against trying to look at the work while they are behind the wheel, although i know it will
7:26 am
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good morning from the traffic center. let's take you over to the eastshore freeway, where we are getting first reports of an accident westbound 80 right at gilman. it is blocking the hov lane. so give yourself some extra time. still seeing some green there on the sensors so traffic is
7:28 am
light because of a holiday. bay bridge in fact no delays at all. couple of cars in the cash lanes approaching the toll plaza but a nice ride across the upper deck into san francisco. foggy in benicia. chp has issued an advisory for 680. that's traffic. here's elizabeth with your forecast. >> thank you, gianna. yeah, it is definitely still foggy in some parts if you're just waking up with us this morning. beautiful picture of sunrise over dublin. appearances may be deceiving. it is still chilly out there. 30s and 40s across most spots, some areas still below freezing. you can see 28 degrees in santa rosa. 40 if you're in the pacifica area. so for later on this afternoon, we are warming things up. temperatures could be slightly above average in some areas. even towards the mid-60s in some spots, 64 degrees in santa rosa. one of our warmer temperatures. and looking out over the next seven days, we're remaining dry and mild through christmas weekend.
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♪ a little fog out there. you may be feeling a little foggy this morning too. wwelcome back to "the early show." i'm yerica hill along with chri wragge on a wednesday. the devastation we witnessed at the scene in joplin heartbreaking and family torns apart by tragedy and 150 people were killed and joplin has come a long way in the past seven months. we will talk with the mayor about the rebuilding efforts there and when he thinks his city will actually return to normal. first, debbye turner bell is at the news desk with another look at the headlines in for jeff this morning. >> good morning. there is a payroll tax standoff in washington.
7:31 am
house republicans want to negotiate after rejecting a senate bill to extend the payroll tax and jobless benefits for two months but
7:32 am
a year of terrible disasters this is one of the worse. >> take you back to joplin, missouri, seven months after a tornado killed 150 people there. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning, we continue our look back at some of the most meaningful stories of the year for us here on "the early show." >> in may a devastating tornado six miles long and one mile wide ripped through joplin, missouri, and split the city in half. when we got there, the day after it hit. >> a very unnerving, surreal. >> reporter: when we arrived still driving rain and hard to
7:36 am
believe anyone could survive the massive storm that caused massive destruction. so many were missing. more than 1,000 initially. and everyone helped in the search. >> it was like the apocalypse, a war zone. >> reporter: rescue workers looking for anyone who might be alive. >> been a lot of hazards here. you can see leaning walls. floors that are unstable. you can see us mark on them when we enter, any kind of hazards, any victims that we found. >> reporter: more than 150 people decide, but there were survivors. this grandmother and her grandson. >> who is the little guy? >> underneath in the bathroom! >> reporter: the sheer force of the tornado ripped will norton from his car. exactly what did dad say exactly about what happened? >> my brother was driving. he had his arms around will when they started flipping and his seat belt snapped and he flew
7:37 am
through the sunroof. >> will did not survive. >> we visited a local shelter and spoke with the people there all wondering what next. >> the whole house destroyed. >> the roof is gone. everything is destroyed. we lost a cat. we got two of our three pets. i haven't broke down yet. i'm sure i will whether it sinks in. & >> reporter: and we met heather marsh and her son hayden. >> you can tell this was the kitch kitchen. >> reporter: they survived the 200-mile-an-hour winds that tore through joplin by seeking shelter in the bathtub. >> i lay my son down on like between my legs and i just have him -- i'm sitting up, my body hunched over him. you can hear the wind inside the house and you can start feeling the whole house shake. >> reporter: over the next few months, up to $2 million was donated to help clean up and at least 300,000 people volunteered. a former department store has
7:38 am
now been converted to joplin high school. i returned to joplin august 17th, the first day of school. when you see this now, what comes to mind? and i caught up with heather and jaden, after so much trauma, resilient and still hopeful. what do you think? are people going to come back? is this place ever going to return to the joplin of old? >> i think so. honestly, joplin, i picked up and said, afterwards, we got to get this clean and get our people back. they want us to come home. we want to come home. >> joining from us joplin is the mayor mike woolston. mr. mayor, good to talk with you again and thanks for joining us. >> good to talk with you, chris. >> we heard from heather a second ago saying people want to return and get things back to the way they were. you're on the ground there every single day and you talk with people every single day. are you starting to sense that more and more as each day passes? >> i think so. we got a good number of folks that stayed in the area. pthe theme of folks told us sine
7:39 am
july 88% of the people displaced within the storm are within 25 miles and i think that is true. we do have some people coming back and i've heard stories of folks that came here to volunteer were so taken with the community and the community spirit here that they had decided now to move here. >> how are the people of joplin doing today? they have gone through so much. but as they continue to recover, the folks that lost everything, the folks that lost family members and friends, how are they recovering? >> i think they are doing well. we've had quite a lot of aid come in to help us and organizations and people all over the country so the people are settled and getting back to their feet. i think the community, for the most part, are anxious for the city to develop some sort of an overall plan as to what the future is going to be and we are working very delegately on that and moving forward sometime in the middle of january having somewhat of a historic meeting between the city, chamber of commerce, the public school system, and an adjacent community that was affected as well to jointly move forward with an overall master plan of
7:40 am
development. >> mike, such an influx of donations and voluntarism immediately after the tornado. obviously, that has tapered off a little bit. what is joplin still in desperate need of at this moment? >> i would say, chris, probably financial need. we have quite a lot of clothe, food, water, donated early on and that continues to come in. last week, we received a donation of 500 new toys to distribute to kids during christmas and that was done last week and this week both. one of my concerns in the long haul, two years, three years down the road, we may have needs that we don't even recognize now and i want to make sure that we have some financing available to take care of those and address those needs and so from my perspective, i think probably a financial need is the greatest thing we have right now. >> mike, what is the scene around joplin now? i don't think people really understand just how much debris her was. to put it in perspective 1.2 million cubic yards more than what needed to be removed from the world trade center site here in new york city. but what does the town look like
7:41 am
now? >> we do have a good number of things going back up. we had three of our corporate citizens have rebuilt their facilities completely and by the way, in record time for their particular companies. you're starting to see quite a number of houses go up. we probably got in the neighborhood of 3,200 building permits either new construction or repair permits. and so that is ongoing. i think probably we will continue with that. the winter will have some effect on the pace of that but a good speed going back. as i said, a lot of folks are waiting on the redevelopment plan to see exactly what the city's vision is and then they can make the decisions that are in their best interests. >> mr. mayor, thank you for the update and progress report and we continue to wish you the very best down there. >> thank you, chris. >> mayor mike woolston. up next, dogs fetch a paper and catch a ball and help people recover from serious illnesses and we've got that story when we come back. well, this necklace is awesome.
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in this morning's "healthwatch," therapy dogs. we know the bond between man and man's best friend goes back i guess forever. >> the new field of animal assistant therapy is getting a lot of attention these days. debbye turner bell has one story's family. > reporter: a tuesday morning at children's hospital in st. paul, minnesota. angel is on a mission. >> you want to pet her? >> reporter: angel is a pet therapy dog making her rounds. and each patient has a very unique prescription. >> angel says thank you. >> reporter: therapists say dogs like angel bring normallialsy and comfort to an otherwise sterile environment. at this hospital, therapy dogs are now being used not just for comfort, but as part of treatment regimens for patient. in many ways, it began with one special girl's recovery through
7:46 am
pet therapy. >> you're a good girl! >> reporter: three years ago and seemingly overnight, ali gillen became mysteriously ill. >> everything started to hurt. >> reporter: ali's parents heather and tim were told ali had a rare neurologic disease that causes inflammatory and degenerative changes to the skin called dematomyo cites. >> i refer to her as the 10-year-old raggedy ann doll. she couldn't lift a pillow and she couldn't sit up and couldn't raise her arm up high enough to scratch her nose or rub a tear from her eye or scratch her eye. >> what does not do to you as a parent? >> breaks your heart. >> reporter: her prognosis was grim. >> it affected everything.
7:47 am
everything was shutting down. we were told her life was in jeopardy. >> reporter: ali's treatment was painful and she made little to no progress at first. >> she couldn't move anything except for moving her fingers a little bit. all of the muscles in her body were not working and essentially were starting to shut down. >> reporter: then with hope running out. >> this letter. >> reporter: occupational therapist nicole lindstrom introduced ali to an unexpected furry friend. >> the first thing she did was reach over and start petting the dog. >> reporter: it was this amazing moment with a therapy dog that marked ali's return from the brink. >> aids, hey, ali, look at your arm right now. and she had no idea that she even moved it. that was the start of a miraculous recovery. >> reporter: ali's was not an isolated case. and dogs are now used in 90% of lindstrom's occupational treatment, including therapies for cognition, motor skills, and movement. can you sort of explain the
7:48 am
magic behind the dog? >> are there is a national bond that happens between a person and a dog but the other thing kind of slides to the wayside. >> reporter: for ali like dressing the therapy dogs up in costumes helped her regain her fine motor skills and muscle strength. >> without the pet therapy program, ali's recovery would have been what? >> ali's recovery would have been slow. it would have been hard and it would have been a fight. you said i can come out, right? >> reporter: the gillen's were so grateful for the amazing pet therapy it had on ali that they wanted to pay it forward to mom heather went through the year and a half long process to certify angel as a therapy dog. >> we thought our dog can do this, angel can do this, we can do this. >> nice to meet you! >> to provide that comfort and hope is something that my heart
7:49 am
just jumps for every single week that we're there. >> reporter: today, ali is on the road to a full recovery and angel is just what the doctor ordered! ali who is now 12 plans to be an occupational therapy when she grows up so she can help other children just like her. >> those bijon is are great dogs. my grandfather are one. >> ahead, the extraordinary life of kennedy center honoree neil diamond on "the early show." announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kleenex brand tissues. helping you sneeze-shield your kids wherever they go. no wonder people want to share them on and on. send a kleenex brand share package for free today at and start your own chain of sharing. in return, you'll receive a sample of new kleenex cool touch tissues...
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today, oakland mayor jean quan will unv independent audit. good morning. it's 7:55. i'm grace lee. today oakland mayor jean quan will unveil plans for an independent audit of how the city's police department responded to all those "occupy" protests. in the meantime, the city council couldn't reach a vote on how to prevent future shutdowns of the port of oakland. so the council plans to reconsider the issue next month. a manhunt is under way this morning for a man who stole two cars, there he goes. he led police on a chase through san jose streets. jarek brown is accused of hitting a police motorcycle with a stolen camry. earlier he allegedly crashed a stolen bmw that was stolen days ago. no one was hurt. one of the west coast's most popular pizza chains is bouncing back from bankruptcy.
7:56 am
concord-based round table pizza filed for chapter 11 in february but plans to close that chapter today emerging as a reorganized and financially stronger company, it says. it also says new product launches have helped boost sales. and there are already plans to add new restaurants. we'll have an update on your traffic and weather coming right up.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. look out for fog on the roads especially near the benicia bridge. chp has issued a fog advisory so limited visibility through there along 680. highway 4 though not too bad. if you are heading toward the bay bridge, via the eastshore freeway, very light. metering lights are on, no delays approaching the toll plaza. golden gate bridge looks good into san francisco. no delays there. and everything clear for this accident at 280 at page mill. that's traffic. here's elizabeth. >> thank you, gianna. yeah, as far as weather goes, we're clearing out a bit along the coast. here's a live look at san francisco's ocean beach. a little bit of hazy sunshine out there. it is still definitely cold in spots though. you can see mostly 30s and 40s across the bay area. one of our colder areas, santa rosa coming in at 29 degrees. yup, fog is still an issue in some of our inner valleys. sounds like visibility down to a quarter mile in concord. warming up this saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ that's lrt, we've still got all night ♪ >> how can you not love neil diamond? we better hear some "sweet caroline" coming up. >> i think there's a good chance of that. >> we better. at age 71 he is still going strong. this month he received a kennedy center honor. coming up he'll tell us about the eight years of knocking on doors that led to his amazing career as a singer/songwriter. "the jazz singer," it's classic. >> all things neil diamond. ladies, back me up here. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge, along with erica hill who's going to compose herself here in a second. >> a familiar face on american
8:01 am
tv is taking some intense heat in britain's tabloid hacking scandal. tuesday piers morgan told investigators when he was a tabloid editor, he wasn't aware of phone hacking in his newsroom. >> but now one of his reporters says morgan had to know. allen pizzey has the very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: to see him arriving for work, no one would guess cnn celebrity interviewer piers morgan had just come from another kind of interview. >> i've got to go do my own show. >> reporter: the other show was an official inquiry into phone hacking by reporters at british newspapers, two of which morgan once edited. the answers he gave on the video link questioning were not the kind the interviewer would want from his own guests. >> i do not believe so, no. i can't do that. actually, no, i can't. >> reporter: revelations of the hacking of a murdered school girl's cell phone has spread to include other crime victims along with seleccelebrities. he admitted he listened to a
8:02 am
message from paul mccartney. >> you listened to a tape of the voice mail mess sglaj i listened to a tape of a message, yes. >> reporter: more than a dozen journalists have already been arrested for phone hacking and a newspaper at the heart of the scandal was forced to close. as for his responsibility, morgan offered this defense. >> i would say the averaged t average editor is aware of 5% of what his journalists are up to at any given time. >> reporter: but in testimony today, one of his former employees, already convicted of malpractice, said morgan was a dominant presence in the newsroom. >> given his style of leadership, i would say that it was very unlikely that he didn't know it was going on. there wasn't very much he didn't know about. >> reporter: the other piers morgan interview show isn't over yet. allen pizzey, cbs news, london. debbye turner bell is at the news desk with a check of your headlines. it's almost three minutes past the hour. good morning. >> good morning. in washington, house leaders are calling for more negotiations
8:03 am
after the house rejected a senate bill extending the tax cut and unemployment benefits for two months. if no deal is reached by year's end, the payroll tax rate would return to 6.2% from 4.2% and unemployment benefits would revert from 99 weeks to just 26 weeks. senate leaders say they won't negotiate until the house passes the two-month deal. the threat
8:04 am
>> announcer: this weather report this weather report sponsored by macy's. up next, neil diamond says his voice sounds like gravel in potholes but it didn't stop him from becoming a music legend. >> and from becoming one of this year's kennedy center honorees. we'll have more of his story when "the early show" continues, and chris will sing. ♪ today ll sing. l sing. ♪ today le bit higher. i can't hold you up much longer. ah! whoa! [ all giggle ]
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8:08 am
honorees. >> mo rocca sits down with a talented guy from brooklyn who made it big in the music world, neil diamond. ♪ play it now, play it now, play it now my baby, cracklin' rosie you make me smile ♪ >> reporter: for 45 years neil diamond has been singing hit songs, even if he hasn't always been a hit with critics. >> i've never been a critic starling. my songs have been very direct and simple, as simple as i could possibly make them. ♪ hello, my friend, hello >> reporter: songs so brauoadly appealing, they're hard to label. >> i don't know whether you call it rock 'n' roll or pop or country or folk music or american music or just neil diamond music.
8:09 am
>> reporter: diamond was raised in a house filled with music, in a jewish neighborhood in brooklyn. when he was 16, his parents gave him a guitar. >> and they really gave it to me on the advent of the dodgers, the brooklyn dodgers leaving brooklyn. and i went into a deep teenage funk, because my baseball team had left town. >> you were bereft? >> i was bereft and they decided to cheer me up. they said, we're going to give you ten free lessons and we'll pay it off. and i got hooked. >> so if the dodgers had not left brooklyn, i might not know who neil diamond is? >> he might have been a well-known baseball player, though. >> reporter: or he might have been a singer not named neil diamond. > i thought i need a name that has character, so i made up a
8:10 am
name, and the name was noah comiskey. that's a name that's interesting, it's kind of biblical, so i wrote that down. no, i need a name that's more rock 'n' roll. so i came up with eice, e-i-c-e, cherry. i don't know where cherry came from. i backed down on both of them because my grandmother wouldn't understand why there was another name on my record. >> reporter: diamond went to nyu on a fencing scholarship. but quit to write songs. >> i left school to pursue my life's dream. i had been writing songs since i was 17. and i went to nyu in hopes that i would become a doctor. i was focused in on that. >> reporter: and by the way, was the dream to be a songwriter or a singer/songwriter.
8:11 am
>> no, i didn't even think about being a singer. i wanted to be a songwriter. i thought if i could earn a living being a songwriter, i would be in heaven. >> reporter: for eight years he plugged away. >> eight years knocking on oors, grueling and desperate. but it was the most fun that i could possibly imagine. >> reporter: and then what was the breakthrough? >> well, the breakthrough was meeting l.e. greenwich, a top producer and writer at the time who kind of pointed me in the right direction. ♪ i'll be what i am, a solitary man ♪ >> reporter: she and her husband recorded my first group of hits. ♪ she got the way to prove me, cherry baby ♪ >> reporter: then the monkeys recorded diamond's "i'm a believer" which became the biggest selling song of 1967. ♪ i'm a believer, i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪
8:12 am
>> so i suddenly became a hot item. i was having hits as an artist as well as writing hit songs for other people. ♪ i am, i said >> reporter: diamond who described his own voice as sounding like gravel in potholes, turned out hit after hit, from the personal anthem, "i am, i said" -- ♪ did you ever read about a fraufrog who dreamed of becoming a king, and then became one ♪ >> reporter: to the stadium anthem "sweet caroline." that isn't just a favorite with boston red sox fans. >> i will always be grateful to that song, because i think there is a touch of god in that song. it's more than words and music, so i -- i attribute its popularity to that and i love
8:13 am
singing it. >> reporter: the song's title was inspired by a "life" magazine cover with caroline kennedy. >> and i wrote it down. i said, this is the sweetest picture of caroline kennedy i've ever seen. five years later, it came to me. i came to the title, the melody, the chorus melody, and "sweet caroline" came out. >> reporter: in 1980 he took a shot at acting starring in the musical "the jazz singer." the film was a critical and commercial disappoint. >> i know what i am and what i have to do. >> reporter: did the reviews for your acting hurt? >> they hurt, but it's not as though i was betting my life on it. this was something that i wanted to try. ♪ love on the rocks >> reporter: but from a bad movie came some of diamond's
8:14 am
best-loved songs. "love on the rocks" ♪ pour me a drink and i'll tell you my lies ♪ >> reporter: "hello again," "america." ♪ today >> reporter: though "the jazz singer" was his only film role, he flirted with hollywood before. >> is it true that you were considered for the lead role in "taxi driver." >> i was considered, so were a lot of other people. >> reporter: would you have sung if you had played the role? >> i don't think that called for a singer. i think it called for a dramatic actor. and for some reason, the producer saw me as very quiet and deep. >> reporter: solitary man. >> solitary and sullen and a little unpredictable and mysterious, which that character was. but de niro, i think, was the
8:15 am
right choice. >> reporter: do you ever look in the bathroom mirror and say "are you talking to me?" >> are you talking to me? you, are you talking to me? >> reporter: you're too likeable. >> only robert de niro could come up with that. >> you talking to me? >> reporter: and diamond chose to stick with singing. for that, legions of fans are grateful. he sold over 125 million albums, and at 71, neil diamond continues to be among the highest grossing live acts. the kennedy center honors are the crowning glory to a year that also included his induction into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> these kennedy honors are a huge, huge thing for me, but it will not spoil me, it will not make me -- my head get too swelled.
8:16 am
i know that i still have to work. i'm doing a tour coming this summer. and it's going to make me work twice as hard to make a show that's worthy of this honor. >> mo rocca, cbs news, new york. >> i would -- i mean i can say this right now, normally i would say i would not get too excited to go see somebody who's 70 years old. i would go see his concert. >> in a heartbeat. in fact i'm holding you to that. >> you forget how many great songs he's got. there's a library. >> that whole piece we kept singing along. i love every single one of them. neil diamond, i love you. chris and i will see you this summer. >> do you think he'll bring back the sequins? >> i don't think they ever really left. he loaned them to bob schieffer last week. you can find those pictures online. you can see the kennedy center honors tuesday at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on cbs.
8:17 am
>> no offense, bob, but you're no neil diamond. up next, did you know some thrillers are based on government secrets? we've got that story when we come back. based on government secrets? we have that for you when we come back. and now you need to hide. oh, i love the mercury glass pieces on the mantel, we could put some evergreen pieces... you know a simple touch like adding. oh, i think we should quickly decorate the hallway, wouldn't that be fun? maybe just put some...oh thank you so much, i'm going to bring you a snack later. wait, i still need to talk to you about led candles. happy holiday's. hey! hi! please come in. you know ornaments, they make a great centerpiece. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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8:19 am
whether it's writing novels about politics or uncovering secrets on his hit tv show, brad meltzer with the thriller "the inner circle" and a book celebrating all we can look up to. good to have you with us. >> thank you very much. >> i'm totally fascinated in the way "the inner circle" came together. . homeland security department said can you work on a project? we need you to think about how terrorists can attack us. >> they said will you come and brainstorm how ways terrorists will attack the united states? i thought the homeland security department is calling me? we have bigger problems than anyone thinks. i was honored to be what they called the red cell program and it brings out of the box thinkers to bring together ways
8:20 am
terrorists can kill us. they read my novel. i said why did they pick me? a regular ordinary person? i looked through history and it traced back to a guy named george washington and george washington had his own spy ring made up of regular ordinary citizens and he said, because no one will look twice at them. i said at my guy at homeland security what if it cool my next novel oil the inner circle" you find out that george washington's spy ring exists today. he looked at me what makes you think it doesn't? he said it is one of his great success stories, why would he disband it? i said that is the novel i want to right. >> it is fascinating. one of the favorite things that came out of your mouth is my guy at homeland security. >> i know. my better guy was when i was researching the book, i called former president bush sr. who liked some of my novels. i said, sir, i read a story ronald reagan drst the last moments of his white house sneaked a secret note for you and you sneaked a secret note
8:21 am
for clinton in there and so on and so forth up to obama. i said can i use the secret notes the past information for my secret novel. he wrote me back and said the president wants you to have it. i opened it up. sent me the secret note that he wrote to bill clinton and no one had ever seen before. >> a copy of it? >> a real copy of it and he wrote to me saying i never showed this to anybody. it was a gracious letter but it gave me ideas of what i used in "the inner circle" of one president and how they communicate with one another. >> you heard from former president clinton also. you have former fans in the white house of your book. >> it's nice to be invited to the white house and have lunch there but it is nothing like having your family root for you, i will say very honestly. >> and this sort of ties in to one of your main beliefs in life. i know it's ordinary people who really do extraordinary things who make the world go around like your mom who other people may not have known and that is
8:22 am
essentially what this circle was. >> listen. my belief is ordinary people change the world. that is what matters. when my son was attorney ten years ago i will write a book to show him that. when the wright brothers went out to fly a plane they knew they would fail and crash and rebuild and crash and rebuild and took off. i want my son and daughter to hear that story and no he if you dream big and work hard you can do anything in building world. i said that is what hero for my son is be, not a book of rules but a book of heroes. jim henson is in there and mr. rogers is in there and rosa parks is in there and martin luther king jr. is in there and most important is my mother is in there. my daughter said, dad, where is my book? it's done and coming out morg d
8:23 am
mother's day. >> maybe we can make you come back for mother's day for that. california should be proud.
8:24 am
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
8:25 am
a new lawsuit will be filed against warriors guard monta ellis over it's 8:25. i'm grace lee. a new lawsuit will be filed against warriors guard monta ellis over accusations of sexual harassment. a former team employee accuses him of sending her text messages last year. a carjacking suspect knocks over a police motorcycle and races through a red look it, this is exclusive video, the manhunt continues this morning in san jose. jarek brown is accused of hitting that police motorcycle and previously crashing a stolen bmw. a grand jury indicted giselle esteban for the murder of michelle le. a hearing will be held in january. we'll have an update on
8:26 am
your traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. fog continues along the freeways this morning. chp has just issued another advisory this time for the carquinez bridge so use caution there. benicia bridge foggy limit visibility there. over to the south bay, not a lot of cars on the road. 880/237, a very nice drive this morning as you work your way through milpitas. also, if you are heading along
8:28 am
northbound 280, some sluggish conditions but overall very light considering it's a wednesday morning. the rest of the bay problem- free. no troubles on the san mateo bridge. you're clear on the peninsula and the bay bridge a nice ride this morning into san francisco. all right. that's traffic. here's elizabeth with your forecast. >> thanks, gianna. as you mentioned, yeah, fog still an issue. we are starting to clear over san francisco but foggy conditions still persist in the east bay especially in concord, visibility really low under an 8th of a mile in some spots as well as dense fog advisories for the central valley and the delta and coast still. elsewhere your temperatures out there right now, pretty chilly in some spots. 30s and 40s. you can see one of our colder areas santa rosa at 29 degrees. we are warming up by this afternoon, climbing into the upper 50s and mid-60s in some spots. and we're remaining dry and mild. temperatures are at or even slightly above average for the next few days. wondering what it's like for the christmas holiday? looks good. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s through sunday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
half past the hour. welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. just ahead this half hour, millions of people cannot wait to get home for christmas. but if you're flying, well, the lines, the screaming, some people don't like to deal with it. the tas is now giving you tips on making all of that a little easier the next time you're at the airport.
8:31 am
tip number one during the holidays, just a reminder, don't wrap your presents before you get on the plane. also might want to take your belt off early. don't get fresh, though. more government tips at the airport in a few minutes. >> rita moreno is here and she has been in showbiz for years and doesn't have any attention of giving it up. 50 years later you can see her on tv as fran drescher's mother and she won a tony, two emmys and with us reaching a land mark birthday with a career that is still red hot. great to have her here and looking forward to that. >> across the country any number of theme parks to touch on the spirit of christmas. >> we found one in putney, vermont, is struggling after a half century celebrating all things santa. this local treasure could use a little christmas miracle. >> all aboard.
8:32 am
we would like to welcome you here in putney vermont. we have been opened up since august 10th, 1957. over half a century ago. >> a small park, very charming and very sweet and kind of hokey. good for small children, young families, just a little tiny park in vermont, but it has a lot of heart. the people that work here are the people that are here year after year. >> if you're looking an elf. >> they talk to you, they know you, they remember you. >> we definitely want this tradition to pass on to our children and be able to bring their children here as well. >> it's like having a party every day. >> all of new england would be just heartbroken if this park closed. >> i'm very, very sad, i'm very disappointed. >> my husband and i bought santa's land eight years ago. we were going great guns for the first five years. the economy tanked and gas
8:33 am
prices soared and we felt it and we never got it back after that. we were heart broken. my daughter came downstairs and she said, mom, i've got sad news. we were crushed. we couldn't believe it. this is our christmas. this is what christmas is all about. >> two years ago, i had an aneurysm and my family brought me up here in a wheelchair. we came and my grandson sat on my lap. and that is what santa's land is to this family. >> individual businesses like santa's land are having a tougher time. they are becoming all season resort. they have all kinds of great things to do, in addition to skiing. in the old days they were just ski resorts so that has put some pressure on organizations like santa's land that are all alone out there without the services that you find. >> if i could do anything in the world that i wanted to do, it would be to work or have
8:34 am
something like this. >> our christmas wish is that this place will stay open for another 57 years. >> we should point out even though the global economy may be affecting santa's land in vermont, the north pole is very much in business. santa is very busy. we checked in recently. he and the elves, behind every good man, a good one. they are set to make the trip on schedule. >> you remind me of that every day. >> i do. it's important. speaking of holiday traveling, millions of people hitting the road this week to visit friends and family. if you have to fly, tighter airport security can only add to the stress. >> the tsa says there are ways to get through the checkpoints easier. peter greenberg is here to share those tips with us. if you travel all the time you're used to this but if you don't, this is where it gets stressful. the it tsa came out with some recommendations for people. >> some of these are not new but bear repeating. have your i.d. out. get it out right away. they say remove your coat and
8:35 am
shoes. but that means all of your shoes, even the slip-on shoes and at that time belt off. reason for that now you have a 50/50 chance of going through a scanning machines and they want that belt off and everything out of your pockets. take your laptop out for screen ahead of time and, by the way, take your laptop out for screening and put in the last bin that goes through because a lot of these things get stolen because they get in the first bin and they get stolen and people are going where is my laptop? everything has go in its own bin. >> you say you take this a step further. you have additional tips. >> it's not about stylishly going to the airport. undress before you get to the airport as much as you can. >> and not get arrested. >> exactly. we are talking everything out of your pockets that is metal. everything out of your pockets -- actually, everything out of your pockets because the scanning machines will not accept that. the other thing you want to do is when you take your phone out, when you take your blackberry out, don't put it in the tray. people forget it. put it in your jacket pocket
8:36 am
because then you put it back on. >> not just things out of your pocket but jewelry and watches need to come off. >> one think i do i put the watch, wallet and all of the little things in the shoes and right there. >> give you a run for your money, greenberg. you can team up on this. >> i like that. >> when you're traveling with gifts you want to have them wrapped when you get there but you can't bring them on the plane with you wrapped. >> you can't bring them on the plane when they are wrapped. they go through the magnetometer they want to unwrap them. wrap the presents when you get there. i suggest be careful of the food items you're bringing. people get pie crazy! they want to bring pies over the holidays, right? guess what? >> they don't travel well. >> forgetting that but tsa, depending which checkpoint you're going through determine the pie is a liquid! so it's a gel! you know? so be careful about that. >> unless it's less than three ounces then you're okay with
8:37 am
that pie. >> what would you recommend? >> buy the pie when you get there. it's asking for trouble. don't bring it. >> you talk about sending your luggage ahead but when it comes to gifts you say that is perhaps the better better way to do things. >> you know when christmas is. ship two or three days in advance whether it's u.p.s. or fedex. the other thing is even if you can't do that and you have to check your bags and they have presents inside, when you get to your destination, don't do do what everybody does. you're so happy to see your bag coming around the carousel and grab it and go home. open your bag right then and there. baggage thieves don't steal bags, they steal individual items from bags hoping you won't look until you get home and your word against the airline and you lose. >> how about kids for folks have to travel with kids? >> heavy sedation. i'm sorry, did i say that! >> dial 911 for peter greenberg! >> in all seriousness tsa
8:38 am
learned their lesson. they are doing modified pat-downs. if you're under 12, the good news for kids you don't have to take your shoes off. >> not taking the shoes off? so much easier. >> so there you have it. >> thank you, tsa. merry christmas. >> thank you, peter. merry christmas. >> peter, thanks. i look forward to your next book of travel tips. >> bring the shoes. >> debbye turner bell is at the news desk with one final check of the headlines. european union's top court ruled this morning that u.s. airlines have to pay for greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming. the court says the eu has the right to impose its cap and trade scheme on international airlines that use europe an airlines. several u.s. airlines tried to overturn the law. the law is due to go into effect january 1st. airlines say they will comply
8:39 am
but under protests. last month, unemployment rates dropped in 43 states and washington, d.c. from the previous month. also u.s. builders broke ground on more houses last month than any other time in the past year and a half. construction in november was up more than 24% over the previous year. and that deadly snowstorm that hit the plains with blizzard conditions has moved east this morning, but the storm is mostly a rainmaker now from the gulf coast to the great lakes. northern maine could see a mix of rain and snow. in the plains this morning, crews are trying to clear roads where snow drifts up to ten feet remain. parts of major roadways remain closed in colorado, new mexico, texas, oklahoma, and kansas where travel can be tedious and treacherous. >> slid up into the median and there for several hours. took me three hours to get 30 miles! >> hundreds of people have been stranded by the weather. the storm dumped up to 15 inches
8:40 am
of snow in five states. for the first time the u.s. government is asking scientists to censor their research on the deadly bird flu virus. they want laboratories to not publish details on how they mutated the h5n1 flu virus where it can be transferred to humans. the government fears that information could be use as a bioweapon. scientists say they are working to impcomply with the virus sin it was detected in
8:41 am
winning an oscar, tony, grammy and emmy is called the grand slam of show business and rita moreno is one of a dozen people to do it. >> she became a household name 50 years in the movie "westside
8:42 am
story." and she is celebrating her 80th birthday and great for you to be with us. you did celebrate big 80th birthday! >> yes. >> no way! >> absolutely. i'm an 80-year-old broad. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. remember what gloria steinem said? this is what 80 looks like. oh, this is my birthday party! that is marvelous. that is great! that is my daughter pretending she is in "westside story." >> people are more familiar with you in that role. just celebrating the 50th anniversary. >> can you imagine that? when we did prince a couple of weeks ago, george and russ and i, it was hard to believe. we saw the movie that night. it still holds up. it's wonderful. >> it's a classic. >> that's why it's called a classic. >> what is it like when you watch it again?
8:43 am
>> oh, of course, you know you could do it better. and you're right. you could have done it better but, you know, at 80, it's easy to say that. i look at myself and say, for god's sake! >> what didn't you like? >> i didn't say i disliked it. >> with -- >> i thought it wasn't as deeply observed as i should have done it, but, hey, that's water under a very old bridge tichlt chan. d >> it changed your life. >> it did. i became a world wide celebrity. i remember being in japan after the movie and i was in a department store and i actually heard a japanese man unconsciously to whistle like this. i thought, cannot be! japanese person. he didn't even know it was me. it was just an unconscious thing that happened. he, obviously, knew i think that is rita moreno. >> what a fantastic moment for
8:44 am
you to have things like that happen. >> not only that, but to be a puerto rican person. i wasn't the first to get an oscar. >> how much did the oscar change things for you in hollywood? >> you'll be amazed to hear this. it did nothing. i didn't do another movie for seven years. i guess that showed them. >> but you took a big stance, though. you didn't -- you said these latino roles that were kind of -- the only things that were offered to you. >> not just -- i don't mind playing the latino. why would i? i don't want to play one that talks like this all the time! do you know what i'm saying? because that is character that was playing, look at that. another one of those wigs. i mean, there is nothing but long, dark-haired wigs. i finally developed a universal what we used to call the universal ethnic accent because
8:45 am
i played everything. every person from every country. oh, i want that photo! i can't believe it! look how cute i was! i look like my daughter! my daughter looks exactly like that. i love this! >> i must admit, though, i was most familiar with you from the -- >> did i teach you to read? >> back in the early '70s. >> are you sure you can read? >> i like to sometimes. >> he made some important progress in the reading phase. the past year, he has been watching. >> i've been going off your tapes. do you still get that from a lot of people? >> i get a lot of of hey, you guys! baby boomers that now are losing their hair with pot bellies. that is also the cast of "westside story" that i keep calling the kids. they have lost half of their hair. there it is. george! >> you should see d?
8:46 am
>> the girls look great. >> my mother and i just had that conversation. did the same thing. >> really? >> she did. >> i keep hearing that kind of thing. >> we would love for you to stick around because we want to talk to you more because you have a lot of stuff going on right now so we will pull out a few more pictures too. >> oh, yeah. i love the pictures. >> we will have more there's no place on earth like st. jude children's research hospital. st. jude's research has changed how the world treats brain tumors, leukemia and sickle cell. and no family is turned away because they can't pay. the halls of st. jude are filled with courage and grace. my name's not grace. you must be courage? give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass.
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♪ >> look at you go. huh some we are back with rita moreno. a showbiz legend still going strong at 80. show clips bringing back some memories. >> george is a great dancer and still looks that way. >> still a stud. >> you just finished your one
8:49 am
woman show, "life without makeup." you did some tap dance something. >> i did and versions of versions from "the westside story." >> and the show is in high demand. a number of people want to come to your city. >> it's what my agent would call a first class dilemma. >> where is all of this energy coming from? >> that is my dna. >> no slowing down at all, though? >> well, really compared to the way i was, i've slowed down but for an 80-year-old lady, not too bad. >> not too shabby. you're busy on tv and part of "divorced." >> i'm fran drescher's mother and it's so fun to talk like her, especially if you're puerto
8:50 am
rican. >> anything else you want to do? >> i love what i do. what a wonderful thing. that is a bonanza. a lot of people do what they do in order to pay the rent and eat and i do what i do because i love it and i get paid for it. wow! i've got it at all! >> do you attribute to the longevity the fact you wake up happy every day? >> i do! i wake up humming and my motto is the way to have it all is to love it all. >> yeah. >> that's me. >> so you can have your cake and eat it too? >> i'm having cakes and pastas and a lot of greens. >> do you like cake for breakfast? >> at 80, you deserve that cake. people should be bringing you cakes wherever you go. >> oh, my gosh! look at this! oh, i love this! ♪ happy birthday to me >> you mentioned the 50th anniversary of "westside story."
8:51 am
>> so we have you sign this for us. >> can i blow out the candles? >> yes. make a wish. >> what a treat! >> there you go. >> and cupcakes! good for my behind! >> it's great. but you're dancing. you don't have to worry about it. dance it right off. >> i'm not really dancing. i call it sort of kind of dancing. >> still could you please tell us. >> it's kind of dancing. skd. >> i'm going to steal that from you. what is next for you over the holidays? big plans? >> i'm taking my family to hawaii. the first vacation i've had in about 20 years so i'm thrilled. i don't know if i'm able to do it. just sit there and read. >> i have a feeling you won't be. i've only known you for ten minutes! >> you work too hard. >> i feel confident in saying that. >> you work too hard. >> you live well. >> i do what i love. thank you. this is so sweet! >> enjoy your cupcakes.
8:52 am
happy birthday. >> you mean i can't have this? >> you can have the whole thing. we have got a fork coming. rita moreno, thank you. see you back here tomorrow. >> your local news is next. ♪ wm÷so ñh
8:53 am
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in about an hour from now, oakland city leaders will release plans for an ind good morning. 8:55. i'm grace lee. in about an hour from now, oakland's city leaders will release plans for an independent audit of the police response to the "occupy" protests. city council plans to take up the issue on port shutdowns next month. councilmembers could not reach a vote on the matter last night. so they're delaying it. they are calling it the biggest property purchase in the bay area this year. a realty firm bought 18 business parks in the east and south bays. the deal is worth about half a billion dollars. the properties stretch from palo alto to concord. and a new airline route will soon connect san jose to tokyo, japan. all nippon airways announced the nonstop service. next year bay area travelers will able to fly from san jose
8:56 am
to tokyo directly. an update of traffic and weather coming right up . [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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8:58 am
affected. you can see it's sluggish out of oakland into san francisco. over at the toll plaza, no delays. just a couple of cars in the cash lanes. fastrak moving right along. a few cars as you work your way up the incline. golden gate bridge not too bad. that's a look at traffic. here's elizabeth with your forecast. >> thank you. we still have some areas of fog out there, especially in our east bay valleys. we are starting to clear though in other spots. here's live look from our roof cam. we are warming up a bit but it's still chilly out there. temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s if you are about to step outside. 41 oakland 33 santa rose. 33 degrees in fairfield. warming up this afternoon. temperatures soaring to the upper 50s to mid-60s even in some spots. 59 the high in pacifica. 60 out in san rafael. so mild temperatures for the most part, sunshine once again for this afternoon. and it's looking nice and dry for the next several days.
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